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A literate, realistic wolf roleplay.

Rank Site In Out
26 canine concept
9 27

brand new feral canine rpg. come check us out
27 Wolves of Yellowstone
6 72

Wolves of Yellowstone is a semi-realistic wolf role-play based in the Yellowstone National Park. The plot is simple: Join a pack, create a family, and play your role in helping your pack to thrive!
5 3
SIRIUS accepts all forms of RP using a "Choose your Story" game element to spice things up. What will be your fate of the dice?
29 Whispering Oak
5 54

"I was once told that you had no control over your own destiny, that it was decided for you even before you were born... I believed that until now... Four Clans rule the forest all leading very different lives from one another. But destinies are bound
4 90

A literate, realistic wolf roleplay.
31 UnEnchanted
3 18

UnEnchanted is an active, semi-realistic canidae roleplay. The future is in YOUR hands!
32 Ferals
1 3

brand new feral canine rp set in the modern world
33 canine redemption
1 3

brand new canine rp
34 The Garden
0 64

All four seasons, all animals, one place. What's outside the Garden? Beyond the thorns? Oblivion, or the remains of a shattered world? Only you can find out in this brand new RP site.
35 Fading Skies
0 4
A unique Warrior Cats AU with many leadership roles open! New enemies and a new world called The Twilight.

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